Growing up movies….

When I think about movies in general, I think about the VHS, the VCR (no beta thankfully), and the rows and rows of copied tapes that my parents and I created when I was in elementary school.  We purchased a VCR in 1986.  Every Labor Day weekend we would go purchase a rather large amount of blank VHS tapes, rent another VCR and about 20-30 movies for under a dollar each.  Marathon is not a fitting term for what we did.  I loved it.

The kids  were in charge of the G/PG films during the day.  My mom and dad would take care of R at night after my siblings and I went to bed.  We would fit three, two-hour movies on each tape (not understanding that this would make those VHS wear out way faster–and the picture was not as crisp).

My dad would always take care of the “setup” (hooking up a VCR to another VCR that is attached to a television is tedious).  We made ourselves scarce for that part of the process.  For the watching, we were present.  I was also allowed to load the movies and cue them up.  It was always fun hitting play/record.  We had a VCR with buttons that would light up red for whichever action was in use.  The only time there were two red lights were when you were recording (Play/Rec). I always enjoyed looking at that.  It seemed like we were accomplishing something.

I love movies.

So much so that I feel the stories I write about are envisioned as films in my head first; naturally.

As I continue blogging my intent is to write and share my experience with specific movies starting as early as I can remember.  I am not planning on reviewing films so this won’t be a critical blog.  My intent  is to convey how those movies made me feel growing up and sharing the chronology of my movie viewing experience.

I hope it will be enjoyable and I am excited to get started.

First up: Disney’s “The Jungle Book

Stay tuned.

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