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“Fortune is ally to the brave.”

As far as my parents knew, this next movie was my first introduction to monsters and gore.

(Remember, they had no idea my sister and I were having nightmares over “Poltergiest.”)

I saw it at a friends house at a birthday party.  I told my parents afterward, and they were less-than thrilled about me doing so, but there was nothing to be done about it now.

Every time that it was on HBO, I made sure I watched it.  My parents were always good sports and watched it with me.

I think the things I remember most about this film were the shiny metal objects on display as gifts from the gods.

In “Clash of the Titans” Perseus is given a helmet that makes him invisible, a SHINY shield that has a mirror on the inside of it, and a bright sword (it was used to kill bad guys–nothing really special about it other than it was polished and light reflected off of it).  He was also given his trusted mechanical owl Bubo (the smartest and most loyal character in the movie) from Zeus and Hephaestus.


I wanted to be Perseus every day for a year after I watched that movie.  My mom took me shopping and I got a plastic toy sword that I convinced myself looked like Perseus’.  I started constructing togas out of my blankets, and then I started acting out my favorite action scenes (they were always sword fights, imagine that) in my bedroom with the door closed.

Perseus got to do everything a five year old boy wants to do.  Win sword fights, break in a flying horse and ride him to a far off land,  kill 8 foot tall scorpions, slew Medusa and the Kraken, and save the damsel (oh Andromeda–I had a crush on you!) Remembering these things is so exciting and depressing at once.  I yearn for those days again as an older man and know that those days are done, but remembering what I did and how much I enjoyed it always makes me smile.  Movies now rarely give me the joy I felt when I watched my first sword and sorcery movie at 5 years old.  Part of getting older I guess.

I want to be there with my son with these movies and experience that fun again with him.  Will he want to watch this movie?  Who knows?  I do believe that there is a “Clash of the Titans” for everyone out there, they just need to allow themselves to find it.  I’m here to help my son do just that.  It might not be a movie.  It could be a sport, a craft, music…who knows?  I just want to be there to see him find it and help him enjoy it like my parents did.

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“The TV people.”


So I promised the “Poltergeist” story.

Between 1980 and 1985 (somewhere in there) we had HBO.  One of the big releases that hit HBO was “Poltergeist“.  My parents, being the protective, viewer-micro-managers that they were, did not want us to be subjected to such scary material and thus have nightmares. When you tell a person they can’t have something, they want it most (and cannot stop thinking about getting it until they do; human nature).

Well, I remember the day we finally watched “Poltergeist“, my sister and I were both home sick coming off a bout of the flu (I want to say it was day 2 of 3 that we would both be home sick.  My mom cleaned homes for some elderly people around town and was out for approximately 2-3 hours on the second day.  My sister immediately looked in the guide in the hopes of finding a viewing of “Poltergeist” while mom was out–I think this is a good thing to note: at some point in the 80s HBO caught a lot of slack for playing “adult themed” films during the day and later made it their in-house policy to play those films after 9pm (I like to think that my sister and I had something to do with that law). I caught my sister watching that and tried to remind her that mom did not want us to watch that.  She simply stated, “Mom’s not here.” I shrugged it off and started watching.  I was distracted as I was keeping an eye out for mom the entire time.  Even though I was the “look out” I still had enough time to catch the big scenes that TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT OF MY GOURD!

There are four big ones in particular that I remember:

1. Dad and mom swimming around in the muddy/bloody swimming pool

2. The man’s face “peel off” that turned into hamburger

3. The effing toy clown that ends up jumping on the kids back while maniacal laughter ensues, and

4. The damn tree

Being that I was distracted through a lot of the film and going in-and-out while checking to see if mom came back, I still watched enough of the movie to get disturbed (I think I was 6 at the time). The worst part about these nightmares or difficulties falling asleep at night–I couldn’t tell my parents about it.  If I ratted, my sister would never trust me again.  So I had to endure my fear alone and try and keep it down when I did it because I shared a room with my 2 year old brother.  I had a street light right outside my bedroom window that always cast a shadow of our two huge elm trees we had in our front yard.  I just stared at those shadows–wide-eyed–until I passed out with total exhaustion. Did I mention the “damn tree” up above?  Watch the movie and picture yourself as a 6 year old child of the 80s that has the shadow of two elm trees cast over your windows all night and get back to me.  Again, OUT OF MY GOURD!

The film doesn’t hold up over time.  For those of you reading this thinking that it might be a good movie to rent on Halloween or what not, don’t bother.  It is more campy now as special effects have gotten WAY BETTER over the years.  Watching it again however without any distractions, did help me gain a better understanding of the story, as it was no longer fragmented for me.

I was still scared a little in some scenes–I think that was more PTSD than anything.  I’m still glad that I watched it again if nothing but for the nostalgia of it all.

I appreciate that it is extremely challenging to get any kind of “static channels” on the tv with digital signals now.


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