One Lovely Blog Award-WHAT?!


So I woke up two days ago to this amazing news. I have been traveling for work all week and this pick-me-up was way better than any latte (mmmm lattes….I do love lattes) anyways, thank you Angela from MY COLLEGE ODYSSEY. I am flattered that a young writer with your talent would ever think my meager blog would be decent enough for such a nomination. Yours is TOTALLY “One Lovely Blog worthy.”

Thinking just that, I was flattered, but felt foolish trying to think of what to write for my nomination and pretty much decided not to….


Brooks P. Weaver was kind enough to mention me again.

Okay, papa’s gotta write one now.

My apologies for what you’re about to get. Even I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Let’s get to the rat killi’n’ as my grandpa always said.

7 facts about myself:

1. I have a 2 (almost 3) year old son. He has made my life relevant over the last 3 years in ways I would’ve never thought possible and I am blessed to be the molder of such a pleasant young child.

2. I am twice divorced before 40. Yep ladies, this guy’s single. Look out!

3. My girlfriend is going to kick my ass for number 2.

4. You all know I love movies. I like to read as well. Weird, I know. I generally enjoy “great” science fiction and fantasy but I LOVE the classics (Twilight, 50 Shades, etc.)

5. That last part of 4 was bullshit. Not the reading part, the “what I like to consider classics” part. I consider Gone with the Wind, anything by Mark Twain (My favorite), and The Idiot classics.

6. I used to play soccer in high school and college. Love it. Miss it.

7. I work full time at an agency in which we support person’s diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and I love it.

Okay 15 to nominate. Here we go:

1. jordanandeddie
2. Kevin J. Hotter
3. razorbackwriteraus
4. penshift
5. ToddMedicii
6. risahlymbicky
7. mstoywhisperer
8. inspiredbyabook
9. The Black Hat Writer
10. meohmila
11. Mike Fuller Author
12. januarygray
13. c0ral33
14. AlexF
15. Gratuitous Rex

3 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award-WHAT?!

    1. I hope polishing them! I enjoy reading them. I try to be funny but generally have to try and explain everything later, with text. If you had a conversation with me I think you’d hear the sarcasm in my voice. 🙂 I hope so any way.


      1. Ah, I’m the opposite; I’m often so deadpan in my delivery people don’t realise I’m trying to be funny. I can make text drip with sarcasm but always manage to tone it down in person. Odd that one. 🙂 But now I have to come up with 21 new facts.. huuum

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