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After a short/long hiatus, I am back to my blog again.  If there were any of you out there that couldn’t stand it, I apologize.  For those of you that appreciated the break, I apologize.  Sorry’s all around….


I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a second review of the last half of films that I have discussed to get everyone back up to speed before I tackle any more new movies (they’re coming, be patient).

So, at the mid point I had finished “Ghostbusters” and then watched the following in this order:

1.  “The Last Unicorn” –Another animated film, but it was unlike any other “cartoon” I had seen.  There was interesting dialogue, a great story, and adult themes (love, self-sacrifice).

2.  “Mr. Mom” –A great family film that had its adult moments (very brief and at this stage, harmless).

3. “War Games” –Another kid saving the day.

4.  Ralph Bakshi’s “The Lord of the Rings” –Child-like characters saving the day (sort of, the story was never finished).

5.  “Superman” –A fantasy film making a comeback in my life.

6.  “The Neverending Story” –See #5’s note.

7.  “Cloak & Dagger” –One hell of an adventure to get more attention from dad.

8.  “Jaws” –My favorite horror picture.

9.  “Back to the Future” –If “Ghostbusters” is 1A, this would be 1B

10.  “Ladyhawke” –More fantasy, but a great love story; and Matthew Broderick with an accent to boot.

11.  “The Guns of Navarone” –First war movie, and an introduction to the actors my mom enjoyed growing up.

12.  “The Great Escape” –Fun…ish.

13.  “Explorers” –I don’t really want to give anymore away on this one.  Just go see it.

14.  “Lucas” –My favorite High School angst movie…ever.

15.  “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” –Do I even need to say anything?  Everyone loves this movie.

16.  “The Blues Brothers” –I just remember the scale of this “comedy” and could not believe the lengths they went to, in order to make sure we continued to laugh.  Easily holds up over time.

17.  We’ll call it, “The Summer of Hitchcock 1” and “2” –Read the posts dammit!  😉

18.  “Stand by Me” –Great story about the importance of youth friendships.

19.  “Little Shop of Horrors” –My favorite musical.  There, I said it.

20.  “The Bridge on the River Kwai” –Best acting in a war movie ever made.

21.  Let’s call it, “the intermittent sprinkling of James Bond films” –See #17’s notes.

22.  “Tootsie” –I rented every Dustin Hoffman movie my parents would let me see after I was exposed to this film.  Still my favorite Hoffman.

*Wiping the sweat off my forehead*

Where could we possibly go from here?

There is so much more.

That’s why I love movies.  They just keep making them.  Some better, some not.  I’m going to write about the better ones.