“An explanation is probably long overdue.”

I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on a few movies that I may have overlooked.

This next one helped me…discover things…

Yikes.  That sounds stupid.  I’ll explain.

It was my first exposure to high school kids gone wild i.e. large parties when parents are out of town, underage drinking, drinking games, etc.

I also learned that Alex P. Keaton does not make a good basketball player.


Everything about this movie screams 80s: the fashion, the score, the pop songs.  Even the story dilemmas.

The worst thing going on in his life until he discovers he’s a werewolf is that he’s on a pretty bad basketball team.  He discovers he likes being a werewolf, then he doesn’t….shoot me in the face.

By my standards this is a “classic.”  For everyone else in the world, it was cute for a year or two and it has now lost its flavor.

As far as learning beyond extracurricular activities, I started developing major crushes on women.  This movie definitely helped this along.  Enter Lorie Griffin (cue the angel music):


Okay, this was way cute in the 80s (I warned you about the fashion).

There is also a “bra and pantie” scene that I may have watched way too many times on the VHS tape we had…WAY TOO MANY TIMES….broken tape maybe….


I said it helped me…discover things….I’m done.

Ultimately, at the age that I watched this movie, there was some cool stuff that I wish could happen to me growing up.  It’d be cool to be able to turn into a werewolf and start dunking basketballs.  Who doesn’t want to go from awkward loser on a basketball team to the most popular guy in school?

When it was made, the movie wasn’t too campy…okay, it was, but we were all impressed with the makeup/special effects and gave the movie a pass when it had a cheesy climax/moral.

The effects don’t hold up to today’s standards, but I don’t think they distract from the story, probably because it is very simple.

At the end of the day, it’s Michael J. Fox that makes this movie watchable.  He’s at home as another lovable loser, but he is also charming so when he has to be confident, we buy it (his years on “Family Ties” definitely helped).

It’s a very simple quick watch if you don’t want to think hard…at all.  It’s also good to discover how lax we used to be with developing our stories for entertainment.

Consider it a social experiment.


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