I thought it a good idea to make hot links to every post that I have in one place for those that wanted to catch up on ALL of them.  I hope this is helpful.  Thank you all for your support.  Please join my email list if you’re so inclined.

Growing up movies…

Disney’s “The Jungle Book

E. T.

The Return of the Jedi


Raiders of the Lost Ark



Clash of the Titans

The Dark Crystal


The Goonies

The Neverending Story



The Last Unicorn


The Lord of the Rings” (1978)

War Games

Back to the Future


Little Shop of Horrors

The Guns of Navarone

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The Blues Brothers

The Great Escape

Hitchcock 1

Hitchcock 2

Stand by Me

Cloak & Dagger



The Bridge on the River Kwai

Mr. Mom

James Bond movies

Fright Night

The Princess Bride

The Terminator

Big Trouble in Little China

Dirty Harry

The Golden Child

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid



The Karate Kid

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome


Lethal Weapon


The Naked Gun

Blind Fury

Teen Wolf

The Cowboys

Short Circuit

Romancing the Stone

Raising Arizona


The Beast Master

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


Vice Versa

Peggy Sue Got Married

Who Framed Roger Rabbit



Major League

The Secret of NIMH

Clintington’s Best of John Wayne

Blazing Saddles

Bull Durham


The World According to Garp

Field of Dreams

Father Goose

Growing Up Disney

Cat’s Eye


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Bite the Bullet

Best of Cary Grant

The Gods Must be Crazy

The Frisco Kid

Uncle Buck

Flash Gordon


American Graffiti


No Way Out

The Godfather

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Dances with Wolves

When Harry Met Sally



Worthy unmentionables.

Total Recall

The Silence of the Lambs

Quigley Down Under



Point Break

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Boyz n the Hood

Hot Shots!


Quick Change

Wayne’s World

The Man Who Would Be King

Cape Fear

The Fisher King

Kindergarten Cop

Memphis Belle

The Freshman

Sleeping with the Enemy


Dick Tracy

The City Slickers

Defending Your Life

The Hard Way

Grand Canyon

My Cousin Vinny

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”



Fight Club

Army of Darkness

9 thoughts on “LINKS TO EVERY POST

  1. ” ‘ I will first list the evil causes and then their effect. There are fourteen evil causes:
    (1) arrogance, (2) negligence, (3) wrong views of the self, (4) shallow understanding, (5) attachment to earthly desires, (6) not understanding, (7) not believing, (8) scowling with knitted brows (9) harboring doubts, (10) slandering, (11) despising, (12) hating, (13) envying, and (14) bearing grudges.’ You must be on guard against them. ” (WND,756)

    If evil set free, it spreads and contaminates as you know


  2. Is it a generational thing? I don’t know your age; mine is old. And I only managed to sit through about fifteen minutes of “The Jungle Books,” before walking away. Because what I grew up on was the sound of my father’s voice, reading those stories to me, night after night. They were my favorites. Later I read all four of the Tolkien books to my son (when he was in the sixth grade). Only after he was an adult did we see the films which, for the most part, surprised me pleasantly with their quality. In short, although I love going to good movies and the ones I like I will see over and over again (everything from “Gandhi” to “Gladiator”), and although there is definitely something valuable in that multi-sensory experience, it is–in comparison to reading (and therefore to writing) a relatively passive experience. I hate to take up an old English teacher’s Luddite position but. . . books are better.

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    1. Fair enough. I find that books can be better in different ways and sometimes films can be better in different ways. They are different medias. I try not to compare the book to the movie. I compare the experience and response I had to each differently.


  3. Just got an email that read, in part, “You might want to check out their blog. . .” Did I miss something? I’m following your blog as of the very moment I posted the comment. Or did “their” refer to some other blog? Or was your “like” a bit facetious? Or should I take a nap and rest my brain? It’s good to be following someone who seems to be keeping me on my toes.


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