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“Ever get the feeling you’re being punished for your sins?”

Generally I try and pick feature images that do not give the post away.  I decided not to do that with this movie.  I’m writing about my favorite Robin Williams’ performance.  In the “Aladdin” post, I promised I would, and here it is.

The Fisher King” had a strong impact on me.  This was not the first movie that I saw that dealt with mental illness and loss, but for some reason, it is the one that I remember being affected by deeply.

Robin was not the only amazing performance in this movie.  The entire cast was great and brought this material to life.  Jeff Bridges plays Jack Lucas.  He’s a polarizing New York local radio talk show host.  He takes a call from a man that is sick in the head.  Jack could not know this, but Jack ends up giving some advice to the man and he decides to take a shotgun to a diner and murder some innocent people  and kill himself.  Getting news of this, Jack hangs up his microphone and turns to the bottle.

He lives with his girlfriend, Anne Napolitano, played by Mercedes Ruehl in an Oscar winning performance.  She is one of the most loyal, noble, and funny characters written in a movie.  The depth that Ruehl gives her will not go unnoticed.  This role could’ve been written off as another “quirky girlfriend” to the leading man, but the emotion and humanity that she delivers is very honest and powerful.  We see her plight, feel her pain, and laugh at her delivery.  She takes no prisoners and is the perfect foil for Jack when he starts to feel “too” sorry for himself.  One of the awards I actually agreed with–I rarely do.


Jack ends up meeting Parry (Williams) and I’ll spare you the “meet cute” and the circumstances of their relationship, but know that Parry has become a homeless man that does not see the world through realistic eyes…so to speak.

Director Terry Gilliam created a movie that did everything.  There are moments of pure joy, laughter, and tragedy.  I found myself laughing, and then two scenes later I was shouting, “NO!” at the screen.

The brilliance within the picture is that we pity both of the protagonists.  Jack is obviously dealing with his demons, and Parry is anything but right in the head (for good reason and I will not spill it).

Parry is another lovable loser that makes us feel bad for laughing at him at times, given his mental health.  Jack’s transformation by the films end is one of the realist that I’ve seen from a character that deals with a “learning arc.”

Both men need each other. I think that Jack knows that fact from their first meeting, but there is a part of him that wants to resist what needs to be done, until he no longer has a choice.  Parry needs Jack to help him lead his way back from the dark hole that has become his life now.  It’s very powerful stuff, for a comedy.

I find that many of the great Robin films are difficult to classify.  He brings a level of comedy to most of his roles, even in films that are clearly tragedies.  The “Fisher King” is close to that tone.

I laughed, but as I reflect, I probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did.  I hope that last note I made does not persuade you to miss this film.  That would definitely be a tragedy.


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Growing Up Movies…available on paperback.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Growing Up Movies…can be ordered on paperback NOW.

There were a few of you that had asked me if that was ever going to happen and I never thought it would, but I decided to give it a try.

The web address will take you to the CreateSpace eStore where you will have to register an eStore account if you’d like to get the book on paperback now…if you want to wait about 3-4 weeks, it should be available on Amazon and listed next to the Kindle version.  That is for Amazon and Amazon Europe.  I put it on Matchprice so if you purchase the paperback, you get the eBook for free as well.

Next up will be GET BACK, already available on Kindle.  I will make an announcement once that is available on paperback as well.

Below is the link for GET BACK on Kindle all over the world:


Thank you all for reading!


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Links for everyone.

So, I’ve made it easy for Americans to access my book.  I feel like a jerk for not including my loyal readers all over the world.  Just click on the link below and you should be redirected to the correct amazon store in your part of the world:






Also, if you type “Clintington” into Amazon’s search bar, it’ll take you straight to my books.

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First…and last.

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but this is not a post on Talladega Nights.  Its just my weird way of letting you know that this will be the first and last time that I will burden any of you with the announcement of my first work of fiction being published and available on Amazon:

Yes.  The wait is over and I wanted to let all of you know that I appreciate all of the support that I have received from all of you these last two years.

You continue to read my work and engage with me on social media and it is both encouraging and flattering.

I hope that you enjoy it.  If you do or don’t, I’d love to hear about it.  Please take the time to give me an honest review on Amazon.

Once again, thank you.


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